About Us

About Us

Kenya Community Victoria is a forum that promotes active participation of the Kenyan Diaspora in the Victorian society. The forum also fosters stronger families and relations, with the aim of having a vibrant Kenyan Community while celebrating our African Heritage.


The Kenya Community Victoria was founded in 2016. It was borne from Men Forum Inc. which is a not-for-profit organization that provides a forum for men of diverse backgrounds to share experiences and support each other for purposes of fortifying our families and communities.

The change from the Men Forum to the Kenya Community Victoria is necessitated by the need to be more inclusive and to encourage participation of the Kenyan Diaspora in the wider Victorian society. In addition to pursuing stronger families and relations, we hope to foster a vibrant Kenyan Community and to celebrate our African Heritage.

The forum is guided by the following principles.


  1. Bring together Kenyans of diverse backgrounds, knowledge and experiences with a view to sharing the same for purposes of fortifying the families and the community.
  2. Where experiences and knowledge gaps are identified, the forum will seek such knowledge and experience externally for the benefit of the members
  3. Continually seek ways of improving our marriages and parenting skills
  4. Guid youth in matters of relationships, dating, seeking partners and preparation for marriage
  5. Create an environment amongst members that is conducive to personal, mental, and professional development
  6. Encourage a sense of responsibility for the society in which we live in and operate
  7. Organize activities (e.g dads and children camps) for families to bond
  8. Participate in members/family activities such as preparation of weddings, wedding ceremonies, graduation, get-togethers, fund raising, funerals etc
  9. Facilitate family interactions such as sleep-overs and encourage children to open up with a view to identifying any issues of concern such as bullying, initimadation, peer rejection etc
  10. Serve as a forum or engine for advocacy on behalf of a cause or causes that may be adopted by the organisation


Membership is open and free to anyone with a Kenyan heritage